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Hunt Real Estate is the 15th largest real estate brokerage in the United States marketing commercial and residential property.

Now Hunt Real Estate ERA has a leading team of the most elite real estate professionals in the industry throughout the Phoenix, Arizona market area.

Hunt started over 100 years ago…Hunt100years

Charles Stanley Hunt, a native of Delavan in Cattaraugus County, founded what is today’s HUNT Real Estate Corporation in 1911. Mr. Hunt began the business by selling theatres he owned in the villages of Springville and Arcade. In the same year he opened a real estate  office in the old Arcade Building on Main Street in downtown Buffalo, specializing in the sale of moving picture theatres and other ongoing  businesses and associated real estate. In its early years, the firm was known as HUNT Business Agency.

Soon, the business expanded into the sale of all types of real estate,  including farms, commercial property, office buildings, hotels, vacant land and homes, as  well as the sale of ongoing businesses. Mr. Hunt served his country in  World War I and, in his absence from the  business, his sister, Edna, carried on.

In 1920, upon his return to Buffalo, Mr. Hunt moved his offices and  staff to Suite No. 410 in the Brisbane Building in downtown Buffalo.  Throughout the 1920s, 193JeffClineCommercialRE0s and 1940s, the company continued to  diversify its activities while being primarily focused on the brokering  of businesses. Still, residential real estate grew as a mainstay and,  after World War II, as Buffalo expanded, it became an increasingly  important part of the HUNT portfolio.

On June 20, 1958, HUNT Real Estate Corp., formerly HUNT Business Agency, was officially incorporated; HUNT previously had been a sole  proprietorship. Charles Stanley Hunt was named President and his sons,  C. Stuart Hunt and Myron M. Hunt, became vice presidents. In 1962, C.  Stuart Hunt was named chief executive officer. In 1968, Charles S. Hunt was named chairman and C. Stuart Hunt became president.JeffClineCommercialRE

The steady drumbeat of expansion resounded throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In addition to expanding to new offices around the Buffalo  region, the company embarked on a number of innovative ventures. In April 1984, Devere Capital Corporation, a mortgage banking firm and  HUNT’s first subsidiary, was created. That company known as HUNT  Mortgage has grown to be the market leader in Western New York. A  marketing center was opened in 1986, and in January of that year HUNT  became only the second real estate firm in the United States to produce a program-length television show to showcase residential listings. In 1990, HUNT opened the nation’s first Real Estate Information Center, a telemarketing center through which homebuyers could access property data on all HUNT listings. This was followed in 1989 with the launch of HUNT-Vanner Associates, an insurance firm that handles property and casualty insurance for HUNT customers.

In 1993, with the goal of creating a new more streamlined model for the closing process, HUNT acquired Title Network LTD from three local  attorneys and launched what is now known as Network Title Agency of New York which works closely with HUNT Mortgage. To aid the do-it-yourself home seller, in 1996 HUNT launched Realty Express, a flat-free service that allows sellers to access multiple listing services and advertising.

In 2001, HUNT entered the Rochester region with the  acquisition of Judy Columbus Relocation and Real Estate, a market leader
in high-end residential real estate. More acquisitions in Rochester  followed and, as sales volume topped $1 billion in 2003, HUNT entered  the Syracuse market. The company has enjoyed steady growth in both regions.

In 2005, upon the death of C. Stuart Hunt, Peter F. Hunt, the company president at the time, became its chairman and CEO. Charles F. Hunt, Peter Hunt’s son who represents the fourth generation of the Hunt family, joined the company in 2007. LarryDignanPicW

Acquisitions in Sarasota, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona followed in 2008. In 2009, HUNT entered the Albany market. Today, in 2011, the company is ranked 15th in the nation and operates over 30 residential branch  offices, three commercial brokerage offices, the administration and education center, the title agency, mortgage company, two insurance agencies and two fee-for-service brokerages. 

Now, as always, Larry Dignan as the Arizona General Manager and Designated Broker offers our customers premium products and services throughout the metro Phoenix market with our leading team of the most elite real estate professionals in the industry.

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