Phoenix is a Top 10 city that Americans are moving to. Featured by Jeff Cline and ArizonaROI at SVN | SFRhub Advisors – Phoenix, Arizona.


CNN Money Reports Phoenix is a Top 10 city that Americans are moving to.

Whether it’s the warm weather, jobs or cheap cost of living, Phoenix is one of top 10 cities Americans are moving to, according Penske Truck Rental’s annual list.

  • Median income: $62,200
  • Median home price: $187,000
  • Home price growth forecast : 4.3%

Phoenix was one of the hardest hit cities in the nation when the housing bubble burst. But now it’s turning around and sun-seeking home buyers are scooping up homes at bargain basement prices. Among the top employers in the area are Wal-Mart, Intel and several major banks, including Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America.

Other popular cities in the Top 10…

  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Houston
  • Seattle
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Denver


View the complete article and list of cities, click here.






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