PRE-MARKET – (115) APPROVED Home Sites with BEST location in Beautiful Wickenburg, AZ. Caliber Realty I Commercial+ Phone 480-442-8395.

Saddleback Ranch is a homebuilder’s opportunity to buy into Wickenburg before investors and homebuilders start to drive up prices. The 80-acre APPROVED plat (115) parcel subdivision is ready to develop with most of the off-site utilities and infrastructure is completed to the site. The town of Wickenburg has very low impact fees when compared to the metro Phoenix and surrounding markets. The property has a final approved plat, development agreement, CCR’s for the subdivision and complete set of site engineering plans. 




Caliber Realty  I  Commercial+ is pleased to announce the pre-market introduction of

80 acres vacant land located at the intersection of Highway 60 and Vulcan Mine Road.

Nearby grocery, services, golf, parks, town and retail.

Saddleback Ranch – Wickenburg, AZ..


Home builder / developer to build-out platted vacant land with great views.

City utilities, minimal off-site costs, low impact fee’s.


Download the pre-market information booklet today and return in a few days to for the complete Executive Summary, Development & Financial Package, and Offering Memorandum. 

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Jeff Cline and Ben Gaynes

Caliber Realty  I  Commercial +

Phone: 480-442-8395

eFax: 480-499-8395

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