FOR SALE – Tanning Salon and Spa in High Traffic area North Phoenix. Featured by Caliber Realty I Commercial+.

Well Established Tanning Spa and Boutique.                          


THE BEACH TANNING SLAON & SPA Services include, UV Tanning, Individual sessions, 2 week packages and month to month, no contract or set up fees. Spray Tans, 55 minute massages $40, 90 minute and more. Infrared Sauna Wraps and Ultrasound Cavitation weight loss services. Have your own success the first day with this beautiful, well-established operating business!

Uv Tanning

The beach follows responsible tanning practices. We encourage you to take care of your skin by tanning in moderation, applying appropriate lotions & avoiding over-exposure.

Indoor Tanning

Our tanning systems provide a controlled environment w/ measured dosages for a soft, gentle tan w/ less uv exposure. Our professionals have the training & expertise to eliminate much of the guesswork of tanning & help you achieve the desired color you want.

Sunless Tanning

The Beach world-class tanning solution consists of a sugarcane based derivative, dha (dihydroxyacetone), & has been FDA approved for over 40 years. The dha reacts w/ the amino acids in the outer layers (epidermis) of your skin. This reaction develops a natural looking tan & fades naturally as if it came from the sun.

The Beach process takes approximately 20 minutes. Depending on the tan line preference, the clients may prefer to be nude or topless or wear your own undergarments.

Contact Stephen Tamras at 623-640-2500 to obtain additional information on this great value and exciting business.

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