SVN | SFRhub Advisors – SFR Portfolio Team.


“The main challenge we run into is non-experienced commercial real estate brokers and agents that do nothing except show up for the commission check” — Actual Client

Jeffrey Cline is the Executive Director | Principal at SVN |SFRhub Advisors – Phoenix, AZ.

Jeff has over 40+ years of extensive hands-on commercial and residential real estate project ResumeJCButtondevelopment experience. His expertise includes vacant land acquisition through construction, leasing and completed property disposition. Jeff is successfully marketing both commercial and luxury residential property throughout the Phoenix area. With 18+ years of doing business in Phoenix, he has many contacts and business relationships. To help buyers and seller’s market and track their real estate transaction, Jeff has developed an extensive digital and conventional marketing program.

Jeff’s expertise includes commercial real estate leasing and selling. Market segments include SFR Portfolios, multi-family, condominiums, high-rise, office buildings, industrial / warehouse, retail shopping centers, technology buildings. To help buyers and seller’s market and track their real estate transaction, Jeff has developed an extensive digital and conventional marketing program. The marketing super bundle includes property a custom property listing app and a custom transaction app for every seller and buyer. All the documents are convenient and easy to access in a custom app on the client’s smart-phone, tablet or computer. The past 35+ years, Jeff has personally been involved in $2+ billion of commercial property and funding transactions.

Jeff Cline has joined the SVN SFRhub Advisors team with designated broker Christal James to be part of an elite team of commercial brokerage agents specializing in SFR portfolio sales.



“I’m anxious to meet with you and become a professional team member to assist you with a profitable  commercial real estate opportunity with a well-managed transaction.” –Jeff ClineTextLarryDignanTestimonial


About SVN SFRhub Advisors…

SVN SFRhub Advisors features top industry professionals with both general and niche experience. The agents are accountable and use the industry’s top marketing and asset analysis technology for both acquisition and disposition clients. The SVN SFRhub Advisors service, communication, and client representation are unsurpassed in the Arizona marketplace.




Contact Jeff Cline at SVN | SFRhub Advisors
SVN | SFRhub Advisors, LLC
Phone: 602-441-5354
2400 E. Arizona Biltmore Circle
Suite 1400
Phoenix, AZ 85016



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