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Join small and major national SFR buyers and sellers of SFR Portfolios and profit from the largest SFR Portfolio platform available to the industry.

Register to receive a FREE personal invitation for the launch of  our new SFR advanced technology Acquisition Platform, during the ‘SFRhub UNPLUGGED‘ event in the WINTER of  2018.


Register for an invitation to the ‘SFRhub UNPLUGGED‘ launch event in the WINTER of 2018.


SVN RealStar Advisors Dedicated SFR Portfolio Group.

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The SFRhub dedicated SFR Portfolio team is an experienced group of professionals that are developing both an exclusive conventional ‘SFRhub Advisor’ AND an advanced technology acquisition platform to support both sellers and buyers of single-family residential (SFR) rental investment portfolios. We feature nationally both existing asset as well as new build home commercial investment portfolios from 5 to 5,000 homes.

The RealStar Advisor sales group currently provides one of the top conventional SFR Portfolio advisor networks in the nation serving over 500 markets. The group includes Jeff Cline and Michael Finch with over $2B of closed commercial real estate transactions.

We feature New Build For Rent (BFR) and existing asset SFR Investment Portfolios.

SVN’s exclusive Advanced SFR Scrub Report supports the buyer and seller design process with, quality, real time data analyzing every aspect of the opportunity.wareenbuffet

The accelerated contract documentation process, title insurance management, due-diligence period program and the Tnal close of escrow is seamless for both the buyer and seller. The SVN RealStar Advisors group provides one of the top SFR Portfolio marketing networks in the nation.

The dedicated SFR Portfolio team will benefit your asset purchase or sale with many collective years in both the commercial real estate investment AND the SFR asset buying, selling and repositioning market segments across the nation.


Download a complete SFR Portfolio marketing brochure…



Download a complete SFR Portfolio marketing brochure…





The exclusive Advanced SFR SCRUB Report – The SFR Portfolio is completely scrubbed by our experienced SFR portfolio investment team. We have reviewed each property individually and completed research on up to 35 essential segments of information…

  • Property specific details, vesting and Deed of Trust verification.
  • LEASE rate market analysis.
  • FOR SALE HVC-LVC analysis.
  • Rent Roll & Property status
  • Tenant Payment / deposit balance
  • Operating expense summary.
  • Actual Net Operating Income (NOI) summary
  • Operating Pro Forma and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • tape

  • button-advscrubsummary

Exclusive Interactive Geo-Map with Information on each individual property.


View an actual custom geo-mapping link below…samplegeomap

Exclusive Due Diligence & Inspection Bundle – This SFR Portfolio includes an extensive due diligence and individual home inspection and renovation bid bundle. Every property has been visited and evaluated and includes the following information:

  • Photos of interior & exterior of each home.
  • Full and complete renovation bid with supporting photo for each item individually priced.
  • Extensive spreadsheet detailing resale cost estimate.
  • Completed property inspection tour Microsoft® Streets and Trips link.
  • Experience seller with vast due diligence and property management staff and support.

    Experienced SFR Property Management – Many portfolios qualify for a recommended professional third party property management team to continue profitable operations of the buyers income producing assets.



Mr. Cline and Mr. Finch have worked with top industry professionals and has personal advanced knowledge and experience in the small and mid to large-scale commercial real estate asset management, acquisition, financing, development, construction and brokerage segments. As a principal, Mr. Cine has completed approximately $2+ billion of commercial real estate property development including construction of approximately 22,000 multifamily units.

Collectively, for 48+ years, Jeff and Michael’s top level, mid-level and frontline experience includes commercial real estate; design, general contracting, development, financing and real estate brokerage of small to large-scale properties.

Over 15+ years, Jeff and Michael have established an expanding Phoenix, Arizona, Southwest and National network of industry leaders as clients, partners and clients.

Jeff and Michael have been in the forefront of the SFR Portfolio segment offering value and professional service to investors and sellers of single family rental portfolio assets across the nation.




Contact Jeff Cline or Michael Finch at 480-442-8395.


Register for an invitation to the ‘SFRhub UNPLUGGED‘ introduction during in the WINTER of 2017.




“If it were practical to load up on Single Family [Investment] Homes, I would” 

– Warren Buffet



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